Centro Colombo – the mall you can live in

So in Lisbon, there’s this mall. It’s huge. And I usually try to avoid malls when traveling, because there’s malls at home, you know? But this mall, we passed it when we did a tour with one of those hop on hop off busses, it has a cinema and restaurants and bowling and Primark. According to the over enthusiastic tour guide recording on the bus, there was so much to do in that mall, that you could practically live there.

So those who have traveled with me before, know that I’m not one for passing up a trip to Primark, but this time is a little different as I only have a carry on with me. There’s no room for a shopping spree, if you know what I mean.

But I wanted to se this mall, and how long I could entertain myself in it. And Katie reminded me that I needed pjs an a towel, because I forgot both of of those at home, so I kinda had to go. Sadly Katie had to leave the night before, so she didn’t get to come. (Actually, I don’t think she cared.)

The mall is called Centro Colombo, and there’s a metro station in the basements, so that’s convenient. The hop on hop off bus also stops there, which is not convenient at all, but that’s a story for another day.

But anyway, I got to the mall, there was signs for toilets, the IMAX cinema, a hospital (because what mall doesn’t need one of those?) and of course Primark. Still it was hard to navigate, the mall was like a spider with legs of stores in all directions. The sign clearly said second floor, and I was on the second floor, I just couldn’t find it. It took me about thirty minutes before I remembered that they start counting at zero.

I got there eventually, and I thought: “I need to take a picture of this for the blog,” followed by: “I’ll do it when I get out.” Then I forgot all about it.

But I got my pjs and towel and I was ready to see what the mall had to offer! I had some lunch and then went for a browse, and after two stores I realized that It was just a mall. So I left. (After I spent another thirty minutes looking for the subway that is.)

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